M2E Pro is a Magento trusted (TM), award-winning extension, which allows merchants of all sizes to fully integrate Magento based system(s) into Rakuten platforms. At the moment M2E Pro supports Rakuten.com (former Buy.com). Our unique, policy based approach allow products with similar characteristics to be grouped together and to be managed efficiently, saving time and facilitating bulk updates. The extension offers simple (get your products listed in 10 minutes) and advanced (features rich) modes.

the solution allows you to switch between two modes: simple (for beginners) and advanced.

M2E Pro can benefit your business by:

Helping to increase product visibility across multiple channels and countries
Supporting multiple marketplaces, accounts, stores and views
Allowing all eBay listings and eBay order management tasks to be done using only the Magento backend system
Saving time and reducing data entry errors with only one data entry point
Providing a high level of customisation via policy based approach
Preventing overselling with real-time stock and order management
Supporting 3rd party listing tools
Using only native capabilities of Magento with no user data being captured
Creating a native Magento order for each eBay order and dynamically linking them together
Facilitating use of various pricing strategies across different channels and countries
Fully automating the listing management process and allowing users to create flexible rules
Auto responding to buyer’s feedback by using predefined response templates
Facilitating extensive logging capabilities
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M2E Pro Rakuten has the following features:

  • The ability to create a customer in Magento using Rakuten user record information from Rakuten Customer Settings
  • The ability to import Rakuten orders and many other tasks which would significantly reduce the time required for listing maintenance
  • The ability to set tax settings for Magento orders based on Rakuten orders (Rakuten Order Tax Settings)
  • Automated and manual mapping of 3rd party (existing) products to the Magento products catalogue
  • The ability to move 3rd party (existing, mapped to Magento) products to existing M2E Pro listings
  • Automated synchronization (stock levels, pricing)

M2E Pro supports the following
Rakuten marketplaces:

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