Import all your product data from eBay or Amazon

  • 1.Are you an existing eBay or Amazon seller?
  • 2.Do you require a powerful inventory and order management system?
  • 3.Do you consider selling on more than one marketplace?
  • 4.Do you want to save time, automate processes and minimise data entry errors?

M2E Pro can help you

to transfer all your existing Amazon or eBay listings to the Magento Catalogue and link them back to eBay or Amazon with no downtime. All selling history and ranking is kept, no products are stopped during migration

Four simple steps:

Live/Existing eBay or Amazon listings are imported into Magento

Corresponding Magento products are created along with attributes

Magento categories are configured

Products from the Magento catalogue are linked back to existing eBay or Amazon listings via M2E Pro

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