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Case Study: Oh My Gauze!

1. Company Background & Information:

For more than 30 years, Oh My Gauze!® has designed, manufactured and sold a unique style of clothing referred to as cotton gauze. All Oh My Gauze!® styles are specifically designed and manufactured with 100% quality cotton. The clothing is completely washable, never requires ironing, and will not shrink. Oh My Gauze!® has two retail locations in Florida, a retail location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and an online retail store at www.ohmygauze.com.

2. Challenge Faced:

Oh My Gauze!® came to Imagination Media to develop a comprehensive solution which would allow them to seamlessly integrate all day-to-day logistics and operations. They wanted to develop an omni-channel solution that would allow and empower them to integrate and leverage all of their inventory, and deliver it to multiple sales channels – all while providing each of their customers with a seamless experience and consistent, unified brand message.

3. Solution Provided:

The Solution developed for Oh My Gauze!® by Imagination Media needed to be efficient, easy to use, and fully integrated. Imagination Media responded to this challenge by building custom integration software for Oh My Gauze!® who was using Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ. This software solution allowed Oh My Gauze!® to send their inventory from their point of sale and warehouse management system to their new web platform, which was built on Magento. Imagination Media then used M2E Pro to allow all of the product data, inventory and pricing to seamlessly push to eBay and Amazon. We developed a complex, comprehensive software solution that operated in an easy, effective fashion.

4. Overall Achievement:

By integrating all of the software together, we were able to provide a unified brand message for Oh My Gauze!®, along with accurate inventory and pricing control through all the different sales channels. And we were able to achieve this all without having to manage data in several different platforms. We helped Oh My Gauze!® reduce the cost of data entry labor by 50% – while increasing conversion by more than 100%. We also provided Oh My Gauze!® with a revenue stream they didn’t have before, allowing them to tap into the fertile grounds of eBay and Amazon. Oh My Gauze!® was thrilled with the powerful results they achieved upon implementing our custom software solution.

5. Customer Testimony:

“We are now able to provide customers with the ability to purchase our product through many different sales channels, while maintaining one unified brand message. We had previously been unsure how to accomplish this without having to maintain different sets of data on different platforms. Imagination Media provided us with solutions that works better than we ever could have asked for."

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Kundennähe, Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit sind das Fundament unseres Handelns. Die Basis dafür bildet eine konsequente Umsetzung unserer Unternehmensphilosophie

Die Wurzeln unserer Philosophie liegen in der klassischen Prozessoptimierung von EDV-gestützten Abläufen. Unser Ziel ist es, die DV-gestützten Prozesse zu vereinfachen, um für unsere Kunden mehr wertvolle Ressourcen fürs Tagesgeschäft zu generieren.

Die elektronische Verwaltung von Unternehmensinformationen mit den FullSystem Warenwirtschaftssystemen schafft eine bessere Infrastruktur für sichere, schnelle, effektive und kostensparende Geschäftsprozesse. Die FullSystem Warenwirtschaftssoftware verfügt über alle Funktionalitäten zur effektiven Verwaltung, schnellen Nutzung und sicheren Kontrolle von Informationen über ihren gesamten Lebenszyklus hinweg. Unsere überwiegend mittelständischen Kunden kommen aus den Bereichen Handel, Produktion und Dienstleistung. Wir sind unseren Kunden ein kompetenter Ansprechpartner in den Bereichen Warenwirtschaft, Buchhaltungssoftware bis hin zur integrierten Dokumentenmanagementlösung.

Durch das speziell von uns entwickelte Betreuungskonzept für den Mittelstand stehen Ihnen kompetente Ansprechpartner der Bereiche Prozessoptimierung, Software-Entwicklung und Support Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung. Sie erhalten aus jedem Bereich einen Ansprechpartner für Ihr Projekt.

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