"End of life"!?

Not for M2E Pro!
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Magento v.1.x systems will no longer be supported by Adobe Inc. beyond 30th of June 2020. With this in mind M2E Team would like to announce the following:

  • M2E team continues development work on Magento v.1 for another 3 years
  • M2E team will be releasing a new, cloud-based solution in Q4 2020
  • Existing M2E Pro Magento 1 users have 3 options:

1. Stay on Magento 1

    M2E team commits to actively develop and support their Magento 1 users until June 2023, the earliest. Our M2E Pro solution for Magento 1 will be regularly maintained and new marketplace features will be added. Please make sure you keep your M2E Pro regularly updated. There are several ways to upgrade, but we recommend you to look at M2E Pro Installation/Upgrade Tool

    Magento 1 security will be maintained by the Magento community. Among the available options there are:

  • Mage-ONE
  • Nexcess
  • OpenMage LTS
  • Webscale M1

2. Migrate to Magento 2

    If you opt to switch to Magento v.2., the M2E Pro Magento Migration tool will transfer your existing M2E Pro data across to Magento v2.x platform. Read more about the migration process in this article and contact our Support Team if you have any questions.

3. Migrate to M2E Cloud

    If you have decided to part ways with Adobe Inc., then you may consider joining M2E Cloud: a standalone, platform-independent multi-channel management solution. To learn more and to register your interest in M2E Cloud please visit today!

If you need help with any of above options
please contact M2E Pro support team

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