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What makes us stand out from the crowd?

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

M2E Pro uses only native capabilities of Magento without creating any additional layers (i.e. middleware) or utilisation of a cloud (i.e. saving merchant’s data off site).

M2E pro fully integrates Magento backend with eBay, Amazon & Rakuten marketplaces around the globe: As simple as that!
Think of eBay, Amazon & Rakuten becoming an integral part of your Magento system.

Manage all your sales
channels from your Magento system


Truly Multi Channels

Inventory Control

Centralized Data Management

Flexible Pricing

Unlimited Stores & Accounts

Fully Scalable & Customizable

Task Automation

Support of 3rd Party Listing Tools

Order Management

What customers say about M2E Pro

( Taken from Magento Connect )

  • Brandes: I'm a merchant

    We use M2E for a long time now while the updates had been always helpful and easy to handle. With more than 7000 active EBAY listings we are able to handle EBAY promotions fast and the import and stock level exchange works perfect. I could only recommend this extension to everybody who use EBAY as marketplace.
    Beside the excellent extension I have never worked with a better customer service. If you have any troubles you could be sure that the support team take prompt attention and help you promptly.
    This extension had been far the best value extension and increased our sales massive as 50% of our business is through EBAY.

    Thank you for everything!
    Markus Brandes

  • FineLinens: I'm a merchant

    10 stars to this extension and more than 10 to the support team. Wanted to express gratitude for this incredible extension and thank the staff and developers of M2E Pro for the amazing work they have done as well as superb service and communication at all times.
    This extension reduced my workload by 60% and keeps my inventory in sync! Most importantly I can at last sleep at night without fear of overselling.
    The friendly staff at M2E Pro is simply the best there is, responds quickly and always available. Would I pay for this extension if it was not free?
    Absolutely YES!

  • deanpletcher: I'm a merchant

    We have two magento stores that sell 20k to 40k a month over amazon and ebay. Without m2epro our life would be miserable. This is one of the best magento extensions out there right now, and is the ONLY extension I would recommend after using several for Ebay or Magento syncing.
    Support is professional, kind, quick, and free. They are always working to offer more options and better performance.

  • lessharma: I'm a merchant

    This is the most used plugin in my Magento set-up. We use it everyday and simply couldn't live without it now. I love the way it syncs all out stock levels across eBay and Amazon. If we only have one item left in stock and someone purchases it on Amazon within minutes I get an email from eBay letting me know it's been removed from eBay. The support for the developer is amazing, he always answers emails and logs into our Magento admin to fix problems for us.

  • michelerocco: I'm a deployment & integrations provider

    This extension is a MUST not only for Magento but for all the e-commerce store which need a simply and fast way to manage website and ebay stock and lists.
    I'm moving to Magento many of my customers from their previous application for this extension. Realy a great job.
    Easy to install and use and realy realy powerfull.

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