Magento 1 EOL:

M2E Team continues development work on Magento v.1.x until 2023

Selling on multi-channels - made easy!

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The world's only Magento native integration for selling on eBay, Amazon & Walmart

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Magento integration to Amazon
Magento integration to eBay
Magento integration to Walmart
  • Complete Magento integration, providing a single source of truth for all marketplaces
  • Real time with complete ownership of all data within the Magento platform
  • Full support for all your existing Amazon, eBay or Walmart listings. All selling history and ranking is kept, no listings are stopped.
  • Unlimited number of listings across all marketplaces
  • Comprehensive inventory, pricing and catalogue management rules
  • Support for multiple seller accounts and storefronts within each marketplace
  • Seamless, native multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Freedom to manage the Magento infrastructure to your policy requirements
  • Consistent training requirements for operational staff
See it work

At your own pace!

30 days

No obligation period

No cards or any other commitments

DIY or professional onboarding

Trusted by thousands of retailers and top brands including

Historic Royal Palaces
Liverpool football club
British Heart Foundation
and the simple business model with the focus on R&D and innovation to the benefit of end-users
  • No listing fees, no connection charges, no retainer payments
  • No white-papering, no cold calling, no email marketing
  • No automatic renewals, no added taxes, no tricky contracts
  • No investors, no GMV targets, no sales pressure
x 12 degrees of freedom

User Reviews

We have been using M2E Pro for almost 7 years and it still remains one of the main tools in our technology stack today. It's a killer app for Magento.

  • Development. Is of high quality, they understand Magento and channels they integrate with really well
  • Support. Is knowledgable and timely, whenever we needed it
  • Features. Are always being improved and added as marketplaces evolve
  • Scalable. Rest assured it can handle a lot of orders and listings.
  • Value for money. I am sure some will be happy to pay more.
Verified Purchaser
Functions as Described
Developer Support
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