Scale your business at a global level with M2E Pro’s Magento Amazon extension

M2E Pro is one of the leading Amazon seller extensions, natively integrating your Magento system with Amazon, offering smart inventory and order management features across all Amazon marketplaces.
Scale your business at a global level with M2E Pro’s Magento Amazon extension
Scale your business at a global level with M2E Pro’s Magento Amazon extension
Automap to Walmart catalog

Hassle-free listing management

Using the automatic Amazon product search, you will easily find the right ASIN/ISBN and assign your offer to it. If your products have not been sold on the marketplace yet, M2E Pro will help you create new ASIN/ISBN on Amazon sales channel.
Manage orders effectively

Streamlined order handling

Process your Amazon orders more productively – monitor every action related to the order throughout its lifecycle, update shipping details, cancel and refund orders. Keep every aspect of your business in check while M2E Pro will be synchronizing all the changes.
Streamline Walmart WFS orders

Support for the FBA program

List your Amazon-fulfilled products via M2E Pro, track the progress of all FBA orders and shipments through our Magento FBA extension.
Minimize SKU duplicates

Flexible shipping services

Provide reliable delivery for your Prime orders using Amazon shipping service tool in M2E Pro. Select the proper carrier and print the shipping label with a click of a button. The tool is also available for your non-Prime sales.
Promote your products

Automatic invoice uploading

As an authorized solution provider supporting Amazon VAT calculation service, M2E Pro lets you upload invoices straight to Seller Central. If you rely on Magento for tax calculation, uploading Magento invoices is possible as well with our Magento to Amazon extension.
Customize shipping carriers

Extensive range of B2B features

To make sure that no potential profit is lost, all Amazon Business merchants have access to the B2B features in M2E Pro. Boost the visibility of your Business Offers, set up special rates and quantity discounts for your Business customers, and more.
Create smart shipping rules

Dynamic repricing capabilities

Increase your chances of winning Amazon’s Buy Box and make your prices more competitive. Automatic real-time Repricing Service from M2E Pro saves you time monitoring the other sellers’ prices or adjusting the rates manually.
Create smart shipping rules

Amazon sales analytics

The M2E Pro Dashboard simplifies your marketplace oversight, allowing you to track sales, shipments, and inventory with ease. You can also examine vital metrics over any period you select. For those seeking deeper insights, we've introduced M2E Analytics. Simply upload your data to gain an exhaustive analysis of your Amazon sales, offering you the detailed intelligence needed to enhance your business strategy.
Automate your Amazon sales process today!
Product analytics
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Start selling globally

M2E Pro allows you to sell on 19 major Amazon marketplaces:
Amazon USA United States
Amazon UK United Kingdom
Amazon Canada Canada
Amazon Spain Spain
Amazon Germany Germany
Amazon Italy Italy
Amazon France France
Amazon Mexico Mexico
Amazon Netherlands Netherlands
Amazon Turkey Turkey
Amazon Sweden Sweden
Amazon Japan Japan
Amazon Poland Poland
Amazon Belgium Belgium
Amazon Singapore Singapore
Amazon UAE UAE
Amazon India India
Amazon Brazil Brazil
Amazon Australia Australia
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Become an Amazon
Buy Box Winner in 2 clicks

Become an Amazon Buy Box Winner in 2 clicks


Is Amazon using Magento 2?

No, Amazon doesn’t use Magento 2 as the main e-commerce platform. Amazon has its own platform specifically designed to manage a vast amount of transactions and operations. Magento 2 is a separate e-commerce platform that is not associated with Amazon directly.

However, you can use the M2E Pro extension to connect your Magento 2 store to the Amazon marketplace and automate the process of managing and syncing your inventory.

How to connect Magento to Amazon?

You’ll need an application or service that offers stable integration and guarantees compatibility with your specific Magento version and Amazon channel. One of the most prominent options in this domain is M2E Pro, an integration service that facilitates the syncing of listings, inventories, and order information between Magento and Amazon’s merchant platform.

What are Amazon seller extensions?

These are external applications or software that seamlessly integrate with Amazon's platform and offer merchants supplementary functionalities and features. Their prime goal is to enrich the overall selling experience on Amazon by providing tools for missions like inventory handling, optimizing listings, handling orders, and analyzing data, among others.

With a diverse range of these applications available, merchants can select the ones that best suit their needs, helping them streamline operations, boost sales productivity, and efficiently manage their Amazon stores.

User reviews

We have been using M2E for more than 3 years, their integration allowed us to create multiple listings and supports for range of couriers we use as the products we sell come in all shapes and sizes.

  • We have recently integrated with Amazon and process was seamless, the interface with amazon is little slow however the listing process is seamless.
  • We are now working with them to integrate new change ebay has announced, the development team are looking into it and hopefully we will get a solution asap, support response has been improved over time and all you questions are answered clearly.
  • I will recommend M2E to everyone selling on ebay and amazon.
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