Sell with Amazon FBA through your Magento store

Connecting Magento to Amazon FBA is simpler than ever with M2E Pro extension. Link your store to Amazon’s fulfillment services in several quick steps. Import, manage, and synchronize your catalog and orders with Amazon FBA right from your Adobe Commerce dashboard.
Sell with Amazon FBA through your Magento store
Sell with Amazon FBA through your Magento store
List your Magento catalog

List your Magento catalog
on Amazon FBA with ease

Find the right ASIN/ISBN for your future FBA listings through automatic search. If your items are new to the marketplace, M2E Pro will help you create an item listing page and assign the proper Product Type and attributes to make your offer stand out.
Manage orders effectively

Synchronize Amazon FBA stock with Magento

See Amazon FBA inventory on Magento and maintain accurate quantities across your stores and Amazon's fulfillment centers. M2E Pro guarantees the accuracy of your stock levels by automatically updating your Adobe Commerce inventory source based on the Amazon FBA quantity.
Handle Amazon FBA listings effortlessly

Handle Amazon FBA listings effortlessly

With M2E Pro, you can easily import existing FBA Amazon seller listings and align them with your Adobe Commerce catalog data. Tweak the quantities and pricing of your FBA items on Amazon to implement flexible selling strategies and craft appealing offers for your shoppers.
Streamline Amazon FBA order handling

Streamline Amazon FBA order handling

Magento Amazon FBA extension by M2E Pro lets you handle FBA orders with the same efficiency as merchant-fulfilled ones. Automate Adobe Commerce order creation for imported FBA orders in the Store View of your choice for a unified order handling system.
Access comprehensive Amazon FBA analytics

Access comprehensive Amazon FBA analytics

Connect to M2E Analytics service for an in-depth analysis of your FBA inventory by Brands, Categories, and Product Types. Synchronize your Adobe Commerce product costs with your Amazon FBA sales data and get your profits automatically calculated for you.
Boost your Amazon FBA sales with smart repricing

Boost your Amazon FBA sales with smart repricing

Automate the dynamic pricing updates through M2E Amazon Repricer to ensure your FBA offers always stay competitive. Create customized repricing rules for your FBA listings and raise your opportunities for dominating the Featured Offer position.
Start selling on Amazon FBA today with the M2E Pro Magento Extension!
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Use case

The problem

Our setup is pretty complex. We use Magento, and we have multiple warehouses. Each of our sales channels, including Amazon FBA, operates with its own inventory source in Magento. The big challenge was keeping our Amazon FBA stock updated in Magento without having to do it manually. It was time-consuming and, frankly, a bit of a headache.
Marchey Group Inc
Marchey Group Inc

The solution

The team at M2E Pro understood exactly what we needed and came up with a solution in a short time. They upgraded their system to automatically synchronize product stock in Magento based on the FBA quantity. Now, our FBA inventory source in Magento gets updated with the latest stock information from Amazon fulfillment centers, and we don’t have to check or update the remaining stock ourselves.


How to start with Amazon FBA?

Initially, you must sign up for a merchant profile and select a suitable plan. Once your profile is active, you can enroll in the FBA program, where you'll have the option to create new listings for FBA or convert your existing offers to be fulfilled by Amazon.

It's also crucial to ensure your goods meet Amazon's FBA requirements, which involves proper preparation, labeling, and packaging before sending your inventory to Amazon's fulfillment centers. Follow a step-by-step Amazon FBA guide available in M2E Pro blog.

What are Amazon FBA fees?

They are structured around the pay-as-you-go principle. The fulfillment cost is one of the primary fees, covering services such as packing, shipping orders, handling customer requests and returns. This fee varies depending on the item's type, size, and actual/dimensional weight.

Merchants are subject to monthly storage costs, which are calculated according to the item's size, volume, the average daily number of units stored, whether the goods are classified as dangerous, and the time of year. There's also an aged inventory fee for items that remain in an Amazon’s fulfillment center for over 181 days.

What products can I sell on Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA accommodates various product categories, with some exceptions, such as dangerous goods, alcoholic beverages, tires, etc. Please consult the FBA-restricted items list available in Amazon's official documentation. As of 2024, the most profitable categories to consider for Amazon FBA include Books, Home & Kitchen Essentials, Baby Products, Jewelry, Workout Wear, and Electronics.

How can I optimize my listings for Amazon FBA?

Start with thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords that potential shoppers might use to find items like yours, and incorporate these keywords into your product descriptions and titles. Ensure your product title is clear, descriptive, and includes key attributes such as brand, size, and color.

Highlighting key features in bullet points can also improve your listing's relevance in customer searches. Include multiple high-quality photos showing the item from various angles, in use, and emphasizing its features. Also, consider employing a competitive pricing strategy through an Amazon Repricer tool to adjust your prices dynamically.

How do I integrate Amazon FBA with my Magento store?

You’ll need a dedicated connector tool to smoothly link your Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform and your FBA profile. Magento Amazon FBA integration by M2E Pro ranks as one of the leading connector tools. Using M2E Pro, store owners can efficiently create and handle their FBA listings, monitor orders straight from the Adobe Commerce admin panel. The extension facilitates real-time updates to stock levels and synchronizes listing changes between Amazon FBA and Magento Catalog.

How do I manage inventory between Magento and Amazon FBA?

A specialized tool that facilitates real-time sync of your inventory across both platforms is a must-have. M2E Pro extension is designed to link your Adobe Commerce (Magento) catalog with your Amazon FBA inventory. This tool auto-updates your Adobe Commerce inventory source based on changes in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers, helping to maintain precise quantities across your store and channel.

User reviews

We are working with M2EPRO integration since 2016 and we didn't find better !
We can push easily all our catalogue products ( 15000 items ).
We can update orders and shipments.
We can update stock articles every 5 minutes. We didn't find other integration with a update time so short.
MEPRO integration is very interesting about running cost.
You can push many articles on many marketplace for a small subscription.
You will pay a small rate to M2EPRO only if you are making orders.
We strongly recommend M2E PRO integration to sellers working on marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and Walmart

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