Expand your successful sales with OTTO for Business

Connect your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store to the OTTO Market by M2E and reach the multimillion audience of the largest German online store. With the M2E extension, retail sales on otto.de are as seamless and handy as possible.
Expand your successful sales with OTTO for Business
Expand your successful sales with OTTO for Business
Reach a multimillion client

Reach a multimillion client audience in Germany

Expand your market coverage by connecting with OTTO for Business using the M2E extension. The integration allows your Magento store to seamlessly access OTTO's 11 million active customers. Maximize your business visibility and potential sales in Germany.
Manage orders effectively

Effortlessly list products from your Magento store on otto.de

The M2E integration with OTTO simplifies the listing process for retailers at otto.de. Easily list and showcase your Magento items on the OTTO marketplace.
Streamline orders

Automate your OTTO order management

Take charge of OTTO order fulfillment with automation through M2E. The integration automates the order management process, allowing you to handle purchases and update inventory levels efficiently. Minimize the risk of failures by automating routine tasks and saving time for business development.

Flawless sync between all your stores

Save time and reduce manual effort, ensuring that your inventory is always up-to-date across all platforms, providing a seamless customer experience. Enjoy the ease of keeping product, pricing, and availability information consistent across the OTTO catalog and Magento store.
Join successful sellers in the German Otto markets and increase your business reach!
Product analytics
Total monthly sales allowance
up to $ 600
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 600
monthly sales allowance
Starter 5K
Total monthly sales allowance
$ 5,000
$ 6,00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
19 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 600 - 5,000
monthly sales allowance
Starter 20K
Total monthly sales allowance
$ 20,000
$ 6,00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
79 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 20,000 - monthly sales allowance

You can sign up for free to get started with a 30-day free trial. The Starter plan gives you free access and the opportunity to test the platform, which includes $600 GMV per month.
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M2E allows you to sell on Otto Marketplace:
Otto Marketplace in Germany Germany
Use case

The problem

Real-time sync between a seller's inventory management system and Otto's platform to prevent over-selling and inventory out-of-stock.

The solution

Overselling and inventory shortages can cause dissatisfied clients, negatively affect the seller's image, and impede business development. M2E's integration with Otto suggests a reliable and effective solution to solve the problem of real-time synchronization and prevent overselling and inventory mismatches. The integration simplifies and automates the management of product listings, inventory, and order fulfillment across your Magento store and otto.de.


How to link my Magento (Adobe Commerce) store to the OTTO Marketplace?

To link your Magento store to the OTTO service, register as a seller for OTTO Market. If you follow all the requirements, you will get an email with your login data to the OTTO Partner Connect portal and can connect. After this stage, you can effortlessly link to the OTTO marketplace via Magento (Adobe Commerce) integration by M2E. With just a few clicks, it enables you to import your items from your Magento store on otto.de automatically.

What are the requirements to open an online shop on otto.de?

To sell on otto.de, you must:

  • Have a German corporate legal form;
  • Have a German VAT identification number;
  • You are a retailer to end users;
  • Provide German-speaking client service;
  • Ship goods from a German warehouse.

According to the German Value Added Tax Act, small businesses are excluded.

What are the fees and commissions for OTTO sellers?

The fees include a monthly basic fee and a percentage sales fee (commission), which are charged together with the applicable sales tax.

The monthly basic fee is €39.90 plus VAT and is paid after you have concluded a contract with OTTO and can sell goods on otto.de. The payment is charged in the first half of the following month, regardless of whether or not the products were added and how many were added.

You also pay a standard market commission for an item sold, which is calculated according to the assortment, and a payment commission of 2.3%. The commission is based on the sale price (including VAT) and the delivery cost (including VAT). You can find details about each product group and fee level in the OTTO Assortment Overview.

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Excellent integrator for Magento and Amazon/Ebay

It's an excellent product, and the support staff is very helpful and professional. We've been using it for many years now and I highly recommend.

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