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Magento Integration for Amazon, eBay and Walmart
M2E Pro is a Magento native extension helping to upload your inventory to the biggest marketplaces — eBay, Amazon, Walmart.
Magento Integration for Amazon, eBay and Walmart

M2E Pro – Magento extension for selling on global marketplaces

Fully automated and highly customizable solution allows you to conduct an entire business from one place – your Magento platform.

With thousands of Magento sellers using our solution to grow their businesses, M2E team constantly receives valuable insight into e-commerce trends and merchants’ needs. We know what tools and features will help your multi-channel sales to thrive.

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Key features to help your business succeed

Magento retail Pro integration

Get listed within several clicks

Choose how you want to list products from your Magento catalog – one at a time or in bulk.

Amazon and eBay seller software

Create your own flexible selling rules

Customize the quantity displayed on Channels or adjust prices according to your pricing strategy.

All Channel orders in one place

Handle all Channel orders in one place

Process your orders much faster and track order activity right in M2E Pro.

Magento eBay Amazon integration

List your stock with ease

Get your products from Magento storefronts listed across multiple eBay/Amazon/Walmart marketplaces in a couple of clicks. Automate listing management by grouping products and applying settings templates to them.

Inventory integration eBay Amazon

Control inventory in real-time

Inventory updates are fully under your control, no matter how many products you have for sale. Say no to issues with under- or overselling. M2E Pro automatically updates stock and synchronizes the rest of the product-related changes between Magento and Channels.

eCommerce with eBay and Amazon integration

Process orders automatically

Use M2E Pro to dispatch your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart orders directly from Magento and manage them all in a single interface. Automatically create invoices, cancel, and refund orders on Channels with the help of familiar Magento functionality.

Magento marketplaces

Maintain flexible selling strategies

M2E Pro lets you set different pricing and quantity rules at the Channel or marketplace level. Run promotions and manage price deals to create the most attractive offers. Define how many items from Magento product stock should be sold on the Channel.

Multi-channel e-commerce eBay Amazon Walmart

Manage existing Channel products

Keep your active eBay, Amazon, and Walmart listings intact with sales history and ranks. M2E Pro will take care of importing Channel items and synchronizing them with the relevant product data in your Magento catalog.

M2E Pro Magento 2

Installing M2E Pro

To start using the extension, you need to install it to your Magento instance.

Deploying M2E Pro is a quick and straightforward process. There are several installation options for you to choose from.

Install now

We also continue to maintain M2E Pro for Magento 1. Find installation guide here.

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How does M2E Pro work?

M2E Pro is an extension for your Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform that integrates your e-commerce store with the numerous eBay, Amazon, and Walmart markets worldwide. To get started, you need to install M2E Pro, link your marketplace accounts to the extension, and configure the rules for listing items, handling inventory, and synchronizing orders. You can effortlessly upload your Adobe Commerce catalog items to marketplaces or import current eBay, Amazon, or Walmart items and manage them based on your store’s inventory.

Does M2E Pro work with variants?

M2E Pro offers support for Adobe Commerce (Magento) product variations and allows you to list Configurable, Grouped, Bundle Products, and Simple Products with Custom Options on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces. This means you can easily list items that come in different sizes, colors, or any other variations and make your entire catalog accessible to your customers on various markets. Learn more about the specifics of listing multi-variational items on eBay Amazon & Walmart in M2E Pro guides.

Does M2E Pro work internationally?

M2E Pro is designed for international sales operations, allowing you to expand your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store's reach globally. The extension supports selling on 30 eBay, 20 Amazon, and 2 Walmart marketplaces across various countries. Using M2E Pro, you can adjust product settings to cater to a diverse international customer base and grow your presence in the global market without much effort.

Which platforms are currently supported?

We are offering the integration of the Adobe Commerce (Magento) system with eBay, Amazon & Walmart through M2E Pro, as well as with TikTok Shop via a separate extension. These integrations are meant to enhance your e-commerce operations by linking your Magento platform with popular marketplaces.

Will M2E Pro support more e-commerce platforms in the future?

M2E Pro is set to expand its support for more platforms in the future, such as Otto, Kaufland, and Etsy. We are also open to suggestions for new integrations. If you have specific platforms in mind that you would like M2E to support, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your suggestions.

Does M2E Pro have a free trial?

M2E Pro offers a 30-day free trial, allowing you to explore the product before making a commitment. Once the trial ends, you can pick a subscription plan based on your sales figures. If your monthly sales remain below $1,000, you can enjoy the privilege of a free plan.

User reviews

We have been using M2E Pro for almost 7 years, and it still remains one of the main tools in our technology stack today. It's a killer app for Magento.

  • Development. Is of high quality, they understand Magento and channels they integrate with really well
  • Support. Is knowledgeable and timely, whenever we needed it
  • Features. Are always being improved and added as marketplaces evolve
  • Scalable. Rest assured it can handle a lot of orders and listings.
  • Value for money. I am sure some will be happy to pay more.
Average rating of our users in the Magento marketplace
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