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Amazon now serves over 300 million active customers , reaching billions of total net sales yearly and offering a broad selection of products at reasonable prices.

No matter how small or large your enterprise is, Amazon has an extensive suite of tools and features to identify and reach your desired audience worldwide, ensure prompt order fulfillment, and create a pleasant customer experience.

  • As an Amazon selling partner, you can leverage the platform's global reach to connect with millions of customers in 180+ countries.
  • The majority of multi-channel sellers opt for Amazon as their preferred channel to grow their customer base.
  • Amazon emerged as the most rapidly expanding e-commerce platform for more than 50% of multi-channel sellers, as per a recent study.

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Once you’ve registered for your Seller profile,
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How to register as a seller on Amazon?

Visit and click “Sign up” to register a profile. You’ll need to opt for either an individual or professional selling profile. Be ready to provide your business info, preferred payment method, bank account info, as well as the required documentation, such as tax ID, proof of identity, and bank statement, as per Amazon's guidelines.

How to start selling products on Amazon?

After the registration, you can access Amazon merchant tools and begin listing items. When setting up a listing, you have two options: assign it to an active Amazon offer or create a new product. You’ll also need to decide if you want to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or you want to ship orders yourself.

How to make sales on Amazon?

To maximize your sales potential, optimize listings with keywords, high-quality pictures, and competitive pricing. You can also try Amazon’s advertising and marketing tools to enhance visibility and drive traffic to your items. Lastly, ensure you provide top-notch customer service to encourage buyers to leave positive reviews and build trust with your brand.
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