Link your Magento online store to the Kaufland Global Marketplace

Do you have a Magento store? Expand your capabilities and become one of the successful sellers on the Kaufland marketplace with the help of the M2E eCommerce extension. Enjoy convenient management of data and orders all in a single place.
Link your Magento online store to the Kaufland Global Marketplace Try now
Link your Magento online store to the Kaufland Global Marketplace
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Reach a multimillion-customer audience

Connecting your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store to Kaufland for Business using the M2E extension allows you to reach millions of customers and engage with the Kaufland marketplace's country-specific sales channels. Your products reach a wider audience with millions of potential customers, maximizing sales opportunities and expanding your market presence.
Manage orders effectively

Sell on several European markets at once

Raise your e-commerce strategy to the next level by easily selling on multiple European marketplaces at once using the convenience of a single platform. Our integration connects you to Kaufland and makes it easy to sell together from one place.
Streamline Walmart WFS orders

Streamline order management

You can maximize efficiency with automated order management through our integration with Magento-Kaufland. Manage all your orders in one place, reducing manual errors and increasing order fulfillment speed.
Minimize SKU duplicates

Effortlessly list products on Kaufland e-commerce marketplace

The integration enables you to seamlessly list your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store products on Kaufland, saving you time and effort. With a user-friendly interface and automated listing processes, you can quickly showcase your inventory on the Kaufland platform, ensuring that your products are readily available to a growing customer base.
Promote your products

Seamlessly sync across all your stores

The integration ensures product information, inventory levels, and order details are easily synchronized between your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store and the Kaufland marketplace. The comprehensive synchronization simplifies overall management, reduces the risk of errors, and increases customer satisfaction by offering a unified shopping experience across platforms.
Join successful sellers in the German, Czech, and Slovak Kaufland markets and increase your business reach!
Product analytics
Total monthly sales allowance
up to $ 600
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 600
monthly sales allowance
Starter 5K
Total monthly sales allowance
$ 5,000
$ 6,00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
19 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 600 - 5,000
monthly sales allowance
Starter 20K
Total monthly sales allowance
$ 20,000
$ 6,00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
79 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 20,000 - monthly sales allowance

You can sign up for free to get started with a 30-day free trial. The Starter plan gives you free access and the opportunity to test the platform, which includes $600 GMV per month.
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Start selling globally

M2E allows you to sell on all Kaufland’s marketplaces:
Kaufland Marketplace in Germany Germany
Kaufland Marketplace in Czech Republic Czech Republic
Kaufland Marketplace in Slovakia Slovakia
Kaufland Austria Austria
Kaufland Poland Poland
Use case

The problem

The Kaufland platform's specific formats and standards for product listings can pose challenges for those not accustomed to the system

The solution

The M2E extension provides an affordable solution for easy listing on Kaufland. It simplifies the process of meeting all marketplace requirements, freeing up the seller to focus on sales rather than settings.


How to start selling on the Kaufland Global Marketplace

Have an online store and want to start selling on the Kaufland Global Marketplace? First, register for the Kaufland Marketplace. This registration gives you access to all three marketplaces — DE, SK, CZ. Magento (Adobe Commerce) integration by M2E helps you connect products and place them in the Kaufland catalog using CSV files. Get access to all the tools to set up listings, handle items and orders, and stay synchronized across your stores in one place.

How can I list Magento products on Kaufland?

You can connect to the Kaufland marketplace via Magento (Adobe Commerce) integration by M2E. It allows you to automatically import your product from your Magento store to the Kaufland marketplace in a few clicks. Take advantage of M2E's order management capabilities. Track and process orders seamlessly while maintaining consistency across both platforms.

What are the requirements to sell or open a business on KM?

For registration, Kaufland requires the following information from sellers:

  • Information about your company representatives.
  • Information on beneficial owners and shareholding ratios.
  • Information required by tax law.
  • Information about the range of products offered.

Depending on the legal form of your company, Kaufland also requires the following documents from you:

  • Trade license or extract from the trade register.
  • Valid IDs of all company representatives.
  • Confirmation of the shareholding ratio (for partnerships only).

User reviews

We have been using M2EPro for Amazon and eBay since 2011 or so. Since the early days we have been very impressed by the service as it is reliable, stable and constantly adapting to the everchanging features and requirements of the marketplaces.

As many IT services all requests are handled through tickets, but unlike most, they are very easy to raise with a simple email, answers are always signed by a real person and best of all, that real person follows up on the solutions provided to make sure they actually work for you.... and all of the above in a friendly tone, too.

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