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How can we register an M2E Pro account?

We will automatically create a new Client Account for you once your M2E Pro is installed and you pass the Module Registration step. All you need to do after this is confirm your Account activation by following the link that you receive in the e-mail.

Can we use M2E Pro partially, i.e. as a product listing tool?

Yes, you can. However, it is inefficient. M2E Pro is developed to integrate your Magento store with an online marketplace rather than be used as an order or product data feed.
If you choose to use the application partially or as an additional tool, you are doing so at your discretion.

Will M2E Pro import our active listings from the channel into our Magento catalog?

The application does not create Magento products based on the channel listings. But, M2E Pro will link your active channel items to the products in your Magento catalog allowing their further synchronization.

How much does M2E Pro cost?

The cost of M2E Pro varies depending on the pricing plan you choose, which is tailored to your total monthly/yearly sales allowance or GMV. The GMV includes your sales from eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces.

Do we need to have a subscription to use M2E Pro service?

No subscription is required to install and use M2E Pro during the initial 30-day trial period. If you decide to continue using the service after the trial period is over, you must have an active subscription to one of the available Pricing Plans .

What if our monthly/yearly channel sales exceed the allowance of our subscription plan?

You may upgrade your pricing plan to one with a greater sales allowance or continue using the service until the end of the paid billing cycle and have the extra sales covered by a variable fee estimated based on your subscription plan terms.

How does the billing work?

When you subscribe, you can choose to be billed monthly or yearly. Whether you select a monthly or an annual plan, all of the plans are recurring and the subscription fees are paid upfront.

If your channel total sales exceed your plan allowance, a variable fee may be requested 5 days after the billing cycle has ended. If you cancel or move to a lower plan, these changes will not go into effect until the end of the prepaid period.

The payments are collected automatically from your card or PayPal on the 4th day of a new billing cycle. Manual bank transfers are available for customers on annual plans.

We’ve got a new corporate credit card, where can we edit our billing details?

You can update your billing information like address or payment method in M2E Accounts under Billing.

How often do we need to upgrade our M2E Pro version?

We encourage our users to upgrade their M2E Pro every time a new version is released. Being on the latest version protects your systems from issues and allows you access to new features, improvements, or changes that ensure compatibility with the most recent Magento or marketplace updates.

We are planning on migrating our website to Magento 2, are there any specific steps we have to take to transfer our M2E Pro data?

Yes, when moving your store to a new Magento 2 platform, there is a certain data migration process that your M2E Pro has to go through to be transferred. We’ve got an article that will help you get your M2E Pro ready for migration and perform it safely.

Is M2E Pro supported on Magento 1?

Although Magento has not been providing support for its M1 software since June 2020, M2E Pro version on M1 has been regularly updated with important fixes and improvements. The application may not include all of the enhancements and features released in M2E Pro on M2, yet we have no plans to terminate M2E Pro support on M1 as long as there is a demand.
If there are changes to our current strategy in the future, we will notify our M1 users about them at least 6 months before any updates are introduced.