Transform Multi-Channel Order Management with Amazon MCF on Adobe Commerce

Integrate Amazon MCF's world-class fulfillment capabilities directly into your Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform. Use the M2E Amazon MCF Magento 2 extension to effortlessly control and fulfill orders across different marketplaces, starting with eBay.
Transform Multi-Channel Order Management with Amazon MCF on Adobe Commerce Transform Multi-Channel Order Management with Amazon MCF on Adobe Commerce
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Productive multi-channel order fulfillment

Easily link your Magento store with Amazon MCF and use your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory to ship eBay orders. Enjoy the simplicity of managing orders with real-time tracking updates synchronized with Magento.
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Automated order processing

The M2E MCF extension automatically sends orders from online marketplaces like eBay to be shipped by Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment from your FBA inventory. You can count on seamless order automation, reducing manual efforts and potential errors.
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Optimized e-commerce operations

Simplify inventory handling and reduce operational costs. The M2E MCF extension facilitates faster order processing and boosts your store's overall efficiency and buyer satisfaction, which scales with your growth.
Seamless integration with M2E Pro

Seamless integration with M2E Pro

The M2E MCF extension integrates perfectly with your present M2E Pro setup. It connects your eBay and Amazon accounts and listings, providing a unified approach to multi-channel e-commerce management.
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How do I use Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) on Amazon?

Begin by dispatching some or all of your items to one of Amazon's fulfillment centers. If you're already participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), there's no need for further setup. MCF will automatically apply to your existing inventory so that you can complete orders from Amazon and other platforms.
Next, select how you wish to handle order fulfillment. MCF provides several options, such as individual or bulk order creation, or API integration for automated order handling through your own site. If you use M2E Pro to upload Magento items to eBay and Amazon, take advantage of the M2E MCF extension to complete eBay orders based on FBA stock.

How to make an MCF ASIN on Amazon?

Firstly, you need to have an active FBA profile and create your listings there. Once your items are listed and stored in Amazon's fulfillment centers, they automatically become eligible for MCF.
There is no separate ASIN specifically for MCF; the same ASINs used for Amazon listings are used for fulfilling orders from other marketplaces through MCF. Simply use these existing ASINs to complete orders via the MCF interface when buyers purchase through your external websites or other marketplaces.

What are the fees for Amazon MCF?

The pricing structure of Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon is influenced by various factors, including the physical characteristics of your items, the type of shipping service selected, and the destination.
Each order incurs a fulfillment fee, which covers the costs of completing the order. Amazon also charges monthly storage fees that depend on the volume of space your inventory occupies within its warehouses.
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Sellers often have trouble maintaining real-time synchronization between Magento inventory and order data with Amazon's fulfillment centers

The solution

Integrate Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) capabilities into your Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform using the M2E MCF extension. It allows you to use your Amazon FBA stock to complete eBay orders directly from Magento. Your Magento store can automatically send orders to Amazon's MCF service, ensuring that stock levels and order statuses are consistently updated. With the M2E MCF extension, you can focus on business growth rather than logistical complexities.

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