M2E Pro effortlessly integrates Magento with Walmart US and CA stores allowing you to reach 120 million online shoppers monthly

Scale up your business and maintain ongoing viability with real-time inventory and order synchronization offered by M2E Pro’s Magento Walmart extension

Automap to Walmart catalog

Enter Product ID and SKU to automatically link your item with the Walmart catalog. You may also take advantage of the Product ID override feature for groups or individual products.

Magento Walmart extension

Manage orders effectively

As the business grows, sellers easily become overwhelmed by the number of orders to process. Well-built and automatic order management will save you from headaches. Fulfill orders, create shipments, send invoices, issue refunds, and sync all changes with Walmart - everything from a single interface.

Magento 2 Walmart integration

Minimize SKU duplicates

Having multiple SKUs for the same Product ID on Walmart eventually ends up with errors or data inaccuracy. No need to fix annoying slip-ups. Create listings with no flaws by auto-generating a unique SKU in case of a match with M2E Pro’s Magento Walmart integration.

Create listings in Walmart

Promote your products

The power of promos attracts more buyers. Unlock the full potential of 'Clearance' and ‘Reduced price' badges near your Walmart product listing — highlight unique pricing and define the promo duration to increase profit in the shortest time.

Walmart products listing Magento

Customize shipping carriers

Optimize your selling strategy by offering a variety of options for local and international shipping. Ship seamlessly with any carrier and engage customers in the delivery process by submitting tracking URLs.

Magento Walmart Integration

Create smart shipping rules

The number of competitive retailers in the coming years grows relatively to customers' impatience during delivery. Stay on top of the game and improve customer experience by facilitating competitive shipment options via shipping overrides.

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M2E Pro allows you to sell on all Walmart’s marketplaces:
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How can I create a product listing on Walmart?

Start by signing up as a Walmart merchant and getting approved to sell on their channel. Use Walmart's Seller Center, API, or external application like M2E Pro to upload item details. Ensure that your item listing complies with Walmart's guidelines and regulations, and submit it for review. Once approved, your item will be live on the Walmart marketplace.

Are there any requirements for Magento 2 Walmart integration?

The first thing you’ll need is a reliable third-party application or service specifically designed for connecting Magento 2 to Walmart's store. There is M2E Pro, a Magento-native service compatible with the latest Magento 2 releases and meeting Walmart's integration requirements to establish a stable connection.

Additionally, you must have a Walmart merchant profile and be approved to sell on their channel.

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Love using this program it really saves us so much time. Helpful staff too.

Module solves some critical marketplace integration aspects. Definitely way smarter than building own integration.

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