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Keep an eye on the right sales metrics with easy-to-interpret reports from M2E Analytics app. Get an overview of your sales processes from multiple platforms to maximize your profits. Receive detailed eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplace analytics at your fingertips.

Analytics for eCommerce marketplace: Amazon, eBay, Walmart
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Key features to help your business succeed

Multi-channel e-commerce eBay Amazon Walmart

Assess performance on marketplaces

Examine essential metrics over any desired period with the help of a unified dashboard. Review your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart sales analysis. Check the total sales & orders number, the rate of canceled orders, and see how sales data vary by the marketplace.

Amazon, Walmart and eBay listing analytics

Measure the success of products

Inspect your most popular and least successful items on marketplaces. Group eBay, Amazon, and Walmart sales data by product category and brand. Understand how well your products perform, determine which of them require adjustment to grow revenue, and enhance your sales strategies overall.

Customer analytics tools

Get to know your audience

Explore consumer analytics categorized by different criteria, including city and country. View the percentage and the actual total of buyers depending on where they are from. Use weekly sales data to identify peak sales periods, refine your promotional and marketing activities, and connect with your target market.

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Why is customer analytics important?

Understanding customer behavior through analytics is crucial if you are after the sales increase. By referring to these insights, you can improve your tactics, create superior products, and deliver exceptional customer service.

A well-crafted consumer analysis can predict how buyers react to your offers, strengthen brand awareness, and optimize marketing efforts. Customer analytics solutions like M2E Analytics will give you a more comprehensive and organized perspective of your customer base and their interactions with your brand.

How can I use the analytics dashboard to improve my sales on marketplaces?

With the help of an analytics dashboard, you can monitor overall store performance and trends in customer behavior, such as what products are being purchased and which city/country customers are buying from.

Use this information to pinpoint customer segments, optimize product pages, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

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