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M2E Pro - eBay Solution Partner M2E Pro - Magento Technology Partner M2E Pro - Amazon Solution Partner

M2ePro story in a few, simple numbers:

  • over 10 years of R&D with firm focus ONLY(!) on Magento ecosystem!
  • over 147 software releases for Magento 1
  • over 14 software releases for Magento 2
  • 3 generations of the solution delivered to date
  • over 32 months it has taken to code Magento 2 extension alone
  • over 117'000 downloads of M2ePro M1 extension on Magento Connect
  • over 7'000 downloads of M2ePro M2 extension on Magento Marketplace
  • over 41'000 unique eBay accounts on both M1 and M2
  • over 15'000 unique Amazon accounts on both M1 and M2
  • under management in excess of 600'000'000 active listings (all originated from Magento platforms!)
  • 2017 eBay and Amazon MFN GMV is over 2.0Bn$
  • 2017 Amazon FBA GMV is over 1.1Bn $
  • 63'657'874 orders shipped in 2017
  • 36'152 support tickets responded in 2017
  • the team of 42(!) hardcore engineers working only on one project - M2ePro
  • proud to have 0 sales and 0 marketing executives in the company

What makes M2ePro different from any other multichannel solution provider?

Selling on eBay & Amazon from Magento

Selling across multiple channels and marketplaces takes much more than just creating a listing. With thousands of Magento customers using our solution 24/7/365, M2E team constantly receives valuable insight into market trends and customer needs. We know what tools your business needs in order to succeed.

By choosing our solution your company will realize the following benefits

  • Ongoing core product development and continues improvements
  • Professional advice, assistance with listing management, pricing strategies, inventory and multichannel optimisation
  • Zero-effort support for changing marketplace APIs and policy requirements
  • First to market, enhanced marketplace support (LMS/MIP/FBA etc)
  • Additional support for new marketplace features as they are introduced
  • Multi-marketplace support within a single operating environment
  • Access to all marketplaces within a single license structure
  • Access to all stores/views within a single license structure
  • Unlimited number of listings across all marketplaces

Key benefits of M2E Pro vs other market solutions

  • Complete Magento integration, providing a single source of truth for all marketplaces
  • Comprehensive inventory, pricing and catalog management rules
  • Support for multiple seller accounts and storefronts within each marketplace
  • Consistent training requirements for operational staff
  • Supports large line counts, multiple marketplaces and multiple seller accounts under a performance based license
  • Ongoing commercial viability due to the close relationship between M2E Pro, Marketplaces and Magento Commerce

Benefits related to M2E Pro’s tight Magento integration

  • Complete ownership of all data within the platform
  • Seamless, native multi-currency support
  • Published best practices for scaling options
  • Freedom to manage the Magento infrastructure to your policy requirements
  • Unlimited integration and enhancement potential through the thriving Magento ecosystem
  • Future proof solution through a combined Magento and M2E Pro upgrade path (Magento 2.0 readiness)

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