Mission, Vision & Values

Over a decade ago we created the first ever, native to Magento, eBay extension (aka M2E - "Magento to eBay") and have become one of the top Magento extensions on Magento Connect with over 100'000 deployments of M2ePro. During all these years we have had to go back to the "drawing board" many times as we kept focusing only on Magento and continued learning from our users. With over 40'000 eBay accounts and over 15'000 Amazon accounts that have connected to M2E, we have pioneered multi-channel space. Our success can be attributed to strong values and ability to adapt to our customer needs.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Quality

Our Mission

  • Create value
  • Make a difference

Our Vision

  • Customers
  • Product
  • People

Why do we exist?

We do not work for shareholders, we work to the benefit of our customers. We could have grown in numbers 5x-7x faster (according to various VC's approaching us with their investment ideas and valuation multiples) but we rightfully have abstained from the temptation of taking "easy cash" and letting our loyal community down. Every week we welcome over a dozen of new customers joining M2ePro via word of mouth or a recommendation from our existing sellers.

How do we move forward?

We do not talk about an ecosystem, we are the ecosystem! Thousands of businesses use our highly sophisticated and customisable M2ePro systems free of charge. We do not cross-sell or up-sell, - we genuinely help companies to grow and succeed! We facilitate multi-million business opportunities for hundreds of Magento developers and Magento agencies around the world too. All this without asking anything in return. Working together and sharing idea's, - this is what makes M2E team stand out!

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