Manage eBay promotions from your Magento system and boost sales

Promote your Adobe Commerce (Magento) products on eBay with M2E Pro. Choose from a variety of eBay promotions for sellers and create appealing deals that inspire customers to buy additional items from you.
Manage eBay promotions from your Magento system and boost sales
Manage eBay promotions from your Magento system and boost sales
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Launch promotional campaigns with ease

Create the needed promotions in eBay Seller Hub and apply them in bulk to listed Magento products using M2E Pro. The eBay seller promotion will not only be displayed on the product detail page, but the marketplace will also boost the visibility of promoted items to bring you more sales.
Manage orders effectively

Handle promotions efficiently

Set up the main marketing on eBay and manage the rest in M2E Pro. The extension allows you to view all the groups of promotions you’ve set up, as well as their type and start & end dates. Once the promotion is applied or removed from your listing, M2E Pro will update this information on the Channel.
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Promote eBay store at no extra cost

As an eBay Store subscriber, you can launch advertising campaigns to promote sets of listings for free. Take advantage of prime on-site placements to showcase your offers. Let your shoppers benefit from relevant discounts when they meet the buying criteria set for the promotion.
Make special offers and attract more buyers, which can boost your sales!
Product analytics
Use different variations of eBay promotions
to maximize your earnings
Order size discounts
Encourage shoppers to spend more by offering discounts for larger order sizes. This approach not only boosts your average transaction value but also leaves customers feeling satisfied with a fantastic deal.
Shipping discounts
Buyers are often attracted to free shipping offers. You can raise your sales volume and enhance conversion rates by presenting discounts or free shipping when customers reach a certain spending threshold.
Volume pricing
Offer significant discounts on multi-quantity purchases to encourage shoppers to order several units of the same item. This approach is ideal for frequently purchased products or for customers looking to buy in bulk.
Markdown sale events
Conduct markdown sale events by assembling related items together. Instead of a direct price reduction, list both the original and discounted prices on your listings temporarily to raise your profits.
Use case

The problem

How can eBay promotions be used to increase the average order value?

The solution

Promotions are a powerful tool to boost the average value of orders by encouraging shoppers to purchase more through a range of incentives. Discounts based on order size can persuade customers to include additional items in their cart to meet a specific threshold. Volume pricing is effective for promoting bulk purchases of consumables by providing discounts on larger quantities of the same product. Shipping discounts incentivize bigger orders by offering savings on delivery costs. Moreover, tiered coded coupons, which offer greater discounts as order values increase, can significantly elevate customer spending.

The problem

How can sellers use eBay promotions to clear out old stock and make room for new items?

The solution

Promotions can be strategically used to raise the average order value, particularly for clearing out old or excess stock. Markdown sale events are highly effective in moving older merchandise by temporarily slashing prices to attract bargain hunters. Volume pricing can stimulate the purchase of multiple items by presenting discounts, which is perfect for items that shoppers may want to buy in bulk or resell. Offering shipping discounts on older stock can make these items more competitive than newer inventory lacking such promotions. Besides, letting buyers negotiate prices through offers or employing coded coupons specifically for older inventory can quicken sales and boost order values by giving buyers the sense of securing a more valuable deal.


Where is my eBay promotions page?

Log into your Seller Hub and find the Marketing tab. From there, click on the Promotions option. This is where you can handle and launch different types of promotional campaigns like order size discounts, sales events, or shipping discounts.

How do I get eBay seller promotions?

Access the Promotions Manager tool via the Marketing tab in your Seller Hub. This tool enables you to set up five unique types of special offers, including order, shipping, and volume pricing discounts, coded coupons, and sale events. To qualify for these promotions, you need to subscribe to an eBay Store, and your listings should be in a fixed-price format with Buy-It-Now pricing.

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  • We have been using M2EPro for Amazon and eBay since 2011 or so. Since the early days we have been very impressed by the service as it is reliable, stable and constantly adapting to the everchanging features and requirements of the marketplaces.
  • As many IT services all requests are handled through tickets, but unlike most, they are very easy to raise with a simple email, answers are always signed by a real person and best of all, that real person follows up on the solutions provided to make sure they actually work for you.... and all of the above in a friendly tone, too.
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