Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription and why do I need it?

The M2E Pro solution is used by thousands of merchants around the world. Our users range from very small businesses or individuals to large companies processing over 10,000 orders per day. The M2E team has prepared a number of subscription plans that would suit a business of any size. Your fees help us to continue developing our solution by improving system performance and adding new features. In addition to that, marketplaces are constantly changing and M2E Pro needs to be on a top of all these developments.

What if my sales exceed 10,000 and I am on the FREE 10K plan?

M2E team allows small and medium businesses to grow and large companies to experiment. For that we do not charge for our service as long as our customer’s monthly sales through accounts connected to m2e pro do not exceed 10,000 in their base currency. Once this threshold is exceeded, payment is required. Please be advised that if your sales 15,000 (base currency) this does not mean you are paying only for 5,000. Your total payable amount is referenced to 15,000 (base currency).

What is a "sales channel"?

Sales channels supported by m2e pro are: Amazon and eBay.

How does the billing work?

Every m2e pro user is expected to have a valid subscription plan even if he or she uses our FREE service plan. The M2E Pro billing period is set to 30 calendar days; within 5 days after a billing cycle has ended, a payment is taken using one of the pre-registered by a customer payment means. At the same time an invoice is sent out by an email and uploaded under the customer's "My Account" section. Users may review the itemized reports at any time.

Name of the billing company is M2E Limited (Registration number 104651, incorporated in Gibraltar, European Union)

How do "fees due" get calculated?

Since M2E Pro neither stores your data nor accesses your Magento system, the only way for the M2E team to estimate your attributable sales is to connect via eBay/Amazon API using the channel accounts you have connected via m2e pro. To calculate the fees, your total 30 days’ sales (including shipment and taxes but excluding refunds) during the same billing period are used. Amazon FBA orders and sales from your Magento site are excluded from the billing.

Can i upgrade or downgrade my subscription? What about changies from 'Free' to 'Pay' plan and back?

With monthly plans you have a freedom to upgrade or downgrade your subscription as often as you want. But please remember that any change made to your existing subscription will be reflected in the next billing cycle. If you upgraded from 'Free' to 'Pay' plan then you can only downgrade back to the "Free' plan after 3 months.

With annual plans you can upgrade or downgrade your annual subscription too. However, no refunds will be given. All changes to annual subscriptions (i.e. cancellation, switch to a monthly payment plan, upgrade, downgrade) must be requested by email no later than 45 calendar days of the annual subscription expiry date.

How do i terminate my subscription?

A “service” recipient may terminate "subscription" by giving the “Company” a termination notice. To serve the termination notice, the recipient should login to "My Account" section and press "Cancel Subscription" button. The “Company” requires "subscriber" to complete "the full" billing cycle and pay all outstanding invoices before "service" is disconnected. For monthly subscription plans, "the full" billing cycle is defined as 30 calendar days, for annual subscriptions, it is 365 calendar days.

I have some seasonality trends, how do i avoid paying extra?

Customers who wish to protect themselves against seasonality trends may consider yearly plans with allowance limits set “per year” and respective prices (if recalculated on a “per month” basis) being lower. If a customer opts for a yearly plan then he/she will be required to pay upfront for a year. On the other hand, merchants paying yearly will save money and will protect their accounts from exceeding monthly allowance limits during peak periods.

How do i pay my fees?

As a customer you have a number of options to pay your fees and payment methods are PayPal, debit or credit cards. Money will be collected from your account by our billing system on a monthly basis.

Annual subscribers can pay by bank/wire transfer.

How do you handle my PayPal/credit/debit card information?

M2E Team uses Braintree (a PayPal company) to process your recurring payments. We do not store any of your sensitive data at all. When you enter your payment details you pass information directly to the PayPal company. We believe that PayPal has taken all the measures necessary to ensure your billing data is safe.

How does premium services impact regular fees schedule?

If a customer opts for one or more of m2e pro premium services: eBay/Amazon data migration, on boarding, migration to m2e pro from another platform, premium support service, - m2e pro will use part of the amount paid to credit customer's account and will allow such customer to use this credit to pay future fees.

Subscription is suspended, what does this mean?

If the M2E team fails to collect a payment for a given account, a reminder will be send out and the payment provider will attempt collecting payment one more time. After second failed attempt the account is suspended and all m2e pro services for that account will be terminated. No information will be deleted, no marketplace(s) listings stopped. Administration fee of $25 will be added to an invoice if the account is reinstated

Do V.A.T. any other taxes will be added to a bill?

No additional Taxes will be added to your invoice. United Kingdom VAT registered company should use the reverse charge method ( to account for V.A.T.

I have a question regarding my invoice?

Your invoice contains billing department contact details.

My system integrator manages my m2e pro. Who do i pay?

In some cases System Integrators may service m2e pro for their clients. In such cases all M2E Pro related fees may be paid directly to System Integrators.

I am a "high ticket, low volume" seller, can you offer me an individual plan?

If your monthly sales do not exceed 150 orders and your average order is above 250 (in your base currency) you may contact our support to obtain an individual subscription plan.

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