M2E Pro is a Magento trusted (TM), award-winning extension, which allows merchants of all sizes to fully integrate Magento based system(s) into Amazon platforms. At the moment, M2E Pro supports the following Amazon marketplaces: UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, USA and Canada. Our unique, policy based approach allow products with similar characteristics to be grouped together and to be managed efficiently, saving time and facilitating bulk updates.

M2E Amazon pro is the solution that allows you to switch between two modes: simple (for beginners) and advanced.

M2E team is proud to announce support for :

M2E Pro can benefit your business by:

Helping to increase product visibility across multiple channels and countries
Supporting multiple marketplaces, accounts, stores and views
Allowing all Amazon listings and eBay order management tasks to be done using only the Magento backend system
Saving time and reducing data entry errors with only one data entry point
Providing a high level of customisation via policy based approach
Preventing overselling with real-time stock and order management
Supporting 3rd party listing tools
Using only native capabilities of Magento with no user data being captured
Creating a native Magento order for each Amazon order and dynamically linking them together
Facilitating use of various pricing strategies across different channels and countries
Fully automating the listing management process and allowing users to create flexible rules
Facilitating extensive logging capabilities

Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon

M2ePro advanced algorithmic repricer monitors competition for every ASIN and changes prices automatically and in accordance with predefined by you selling strategies. Intrigued? Please visit M2ePro Amazon Repricer Documentation pages
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Among many, M2E-Amazon has the following features:

  • Cancel/Refund orders
  • Create a product (based on an original order) in the Magento catalogue if the product does not exist
  • Tracking information synchronization (Amazon->Magento, Magento->Amazon)
  • Set tax settings for a Magento order based on an original order (Amazon Order Tax Settings)
  • Create a customer in Magento based on Amazon Customer data
  • Map an order state to a Magento order status to reflect order creation/update (Amazon Order Status Mapping)
  • Support for FBA orders and products
  • The ability to import existing products that have been created by 3rd party tools or manually.
  • Automated mapping of 3rd party (existing) products to the Magento products catalogue.
  • Manual mapping of 3rd party (existing) products to the Magento products catalogue.
  • Map different 3rd party (existing) products to the same Magento product.
  • The ability to move 3rd party (existing, mapped to Magento) products to existing m2e pro listings.
  • An intuitive template based approach. Templates are: Description, Selling Format and Synchronization.
  • Set different (to that of Magento product catalogue) price/qty for Amazon (Selling Format template)
  • Set different (to that of Magento product catalogue) titles/descriptions for Amazon (Description template)
  • Auto stop: pause listing if a product is out of stock, disabled or QTY is below of a certain level (Synchronization template)
  • Auto re-list: if a product is back and in stock, enabled or/and QTY becomes greater than a certain level (Synchronization template)
  • Auto revise: if a product has its QTY or the price changed. (Synchronization template)
  • The ability to list SKU's on Amazon using UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN.
  • ASIN list error-free approach (only those products validated with Amazon ASINs are listed)
  • Automatic and Manual "ASIN Lookup" features
  • The ability to choose a correct product should "ASIN Lookup" returned multiple results
  • The ability to list the same Magento product as a different Amazon listing (product should be presented in different m2e listings for that)
  • Full support of variation products
  • Creation of New Products on Amazon (which are not present on a marketplace yet)
  • The ability to run Synchronization manually or automatically (can be done via cron job)
  • Globally control over certain synchronization options (i.e. disable/enable) for all Amazon accounts (via Configuration -> Synchronization)
  • Extensive Amazon activity logging
  • Rules based Amazon re-pricer (performed outside of Magento system)
  • FBA inbound
  • FBA outbound
  • Creation of a new ASIN
  • Native integration with Magento

M2E Pro supports the following
Amazon marketplaces:

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